About Joe’s Barber Shop

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We believe that getting a hair cut should never only be about doing it because you always do it. At Joe’s Barber Shop, we believe in making each barbering experience just that, an experience, and one to remember at that!

Opened in 1903, Joseph DePalma started what has become a flourishing family business. Passed on through the generations, this traditional barber shop still offers the same authentic experience Joseph DePalma himself created. Later, Tony DePalma managed his father’s great traditions for some time and in the late 1990’s Joe DePalma became the next in line to continue his father’s legacy. In 2015, Joe DePalma partnered with Traditional Barbering Company, preserving the great barbering traditions you’ve come to expect from us.

We are absolutely confident, considering all the chaos in our modern lives, there simply must be some place where a man can go to sit and enjoy small talk with other men, all while getting his facial and head hair taken care of. Credited to our strong traditional values, business principles and the quality of our barbering services, we are Rhode Island’s number one classic barber shop for men.

We hope to offer you an adventure back in time, to the historical period of the 1960s, when the traditional barber shop culture was still alive. Come on in and check us out!

“This is truly a barbering experience beyond getting a haircut. Seriously impressed.”

C. Tainter, 2017

“This barbershop is awesome! The barbers really know what they are doing and the experience is outstanding.” 

P. Bonita, 2017

“There is nothing worse than a barber who doesn’t know what he is doing. Not here. These guys are pros. I’ll be back.”

R. Madore, 2017

“It’s hard to find a truly good barber shop these days, but this place is exceptional. The talented barbers, the conversation and atmosphere are very authentic.”

K. Goulet, 2017

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